Building Friendships: Be a Buddy Not a Bully (Pre-K/Kindergarten)

This unit sets the stage for the rest of the It's OK units but can be presented on its own. Through exceptional children's literature, interactive activities and meeting people who relate their personal experiences, children learn what it takes to have a friend, be a good friend and how to handle teasing and bullying.  Be a Buddy Not a Bully demonstrates respect for individual differences and encourages inclusiveness.

Building Friendships: Be a Buddy Not a Bully begins addressing the mandated NJDOE anti-bullying prevention at the earliest grade levels. Its positive focus on friendship and diversity provides age appropriate references for young children which lays the critical groundwork for diffusing bullying in upper grades.

15 Lessons (3 Sections/5 Lessons per section): Each lesson begins with an age appropriate book followed by an accompanying activity.