Courage To Care (5th thru 8th Grades)

This unit can be introduced on its own but it is recommended that it follow one or all of the preceding It's OK to be Different units. Children who have participated in previous units have an awareness and sensitivity to people who are different.

For this final unit, students go beyond understanding that there is injustice in the world - they learn they can make a difference and are provided with "upstander" training. They are taught the skills necessary to stand up to peer pressure and discrimination by exploring events in history that depict the struggle for human rights and identify activists and heroes who had the courage to fight for the rights of others even when it was not their own personal struggle. Students tackle basic human rights, gender equality and race relations.

13 Lessons: Introduction Lesson on Discrimination plus Book, Hands-on Empathy Building Activity and Speaker for each topic listed below:

Gender Equality 

Race Relations

Consequences of Apathy: The Holocaust

*This unit concludes with an individual lesson: A Personal Pledge To Care for each student: Becoming an Upstander



*Photo credit: Facing Racism Student Art Exhibition at Center for Holocaust, Human Rights & Genocide Education at Brookdale Community College, Lincroft, NJ.