Embracing the LGBT Community (6th - 8th Grades)

This unit can be introduced on its own but it is recommended that it follow one or all of the preceding It's OK to be Different units. Students who have participated in previous units will have developed an appreciation for people who are different from them.

In this unit, students are introduced to the various terms within the LGBT community. The intent is to help students gain an understanding of the community members while having an open mind. This will help reduce and prevent inappropriate language while fostering a positive environment.  Students are also provided with training on how to be a friend and ally to members of this community. The unit begins with an opening presentation designed to help students understand the differences between gender identity, sexual orientation, biological gender and gender expression which are often confused with one another. 

10 Lessons: Each unit is comprised of an introductory book or video, a hands on empathy building activity and a speaker for each topic listed below:

Introduction Lesson

Unit 1: Lesbian, Gay & Bi-Sexual

Unit 2: Transgender

Unit 3: Becoming an Ally (Upstander)

*This unit includes a resource list intended to provide additional support for teachers as well as students.